Sunday, April 20, 2008

The cutest crafter ever!

We're making anniversary cards for her parents. Wish I had worn my hair down for this pic :-)

My goddaughter A:

Hard at work handy-men:

Relatives: G & D hard at work on a bathroom reno:

My second card:

A bridal shower card for my soon to be Aunt L.

My first card:

Be gentle. It's a symapthy card for my friend C who lost her g-ma recently.

Have you tried the ped-egg?

If you follow the directions (use it on dry pre-showered feet) it is wondeful!

Elvis has had enough construction:


my poor baby wants to escape the renovation mess

Everyone wants me to collect something:

I do crafts and I inherited a small glass pitcher collection. I also collect fiestaware. But, for those other people I realized, after looking at my digital pictures, that I like Welcome signs! L, you added one to my bday gift. Very insightful of you!!

new living room paint

***new color pic's to come soon, battery died in camera***

LOVE this paint. Ben Moore's Boardwalk - Aura paint (1 coat). We loved the old orange color, too. But it was time to go for something neutral.

new floors in living room

We finally got around to doing our living room floors over! They desperately needed it especially after we re-did the dining room floors.

Ringo's first haircut!

My baby looks to be 1/2 the size now! We just wanted to trim our Peek-a-poo down but the groomers said we have to shave him and start fresh.



New Craft Supplies

From one of my best buddies, L, and her girls: some fabulous new craft supplies. She remembered my mantra that everything is better with glitter and got me these!


should I be scared that me and her 4 y/o can be given the same gifts?