Sunday, February 24, 2008

Easy Sunday Evening Dinner

My DH had a work thing so I was on my own for dinner.

I made a super-easy egg beaters veggie omelet served w/ a side of kiwi.

The Great Curtain Caper:

How many Targets did I (and my nice gf) hit looking for these drapes?

I ended up LOVING 2 different types. I thought I would do the vertical stipes for the warmer months and the heavy Damask for the winter months. Unfortunately, I timed it BAD and Target is in the process of re-doing the curtain area. Dang it :-(

I was not able to find (any more of) the verticle stripe ones. So, for now it's the heavy balck & white Damask ones. I'm not sad about it b/c they were my "vision" curtains, but, still. Maybe this summer I will encounter some lighter drapes/curtains.

The rods were also another story! I started out with some really cute black metal ones at a bargain $12.99/set. But, when dh hung the curtain panels they were too weak. Now we have some stronger ones with the glass balls at the end. I'm going to replace the old wood knobs on the old re-puposed buffet with glass to compliment.

Ants on a log:

I have been dying for this crunchy treat!

TG my celery didn't get all wonky as I bought it a week or two ago.

(It's organic and I thought it might be gonzo by now). I decided to be wild&crazy and also made some with almonds instead of raisins.

DR Closet Organization

Our dining room closed was in need of some desperate TLC.

I wish I had a before pic but, I honestly didn't think it was going to be that exciting!

I asked the DH to lower the bar for our hanging coats. Then I got a bunch of baskets at Target to organize. I like these ones b/c if they are not needed they will fold flat, they have space for a label and they were 2/$8.

Pimped out Craft Room Lamp

New Furniture:

Finally, after some bumps in the road, our new furniture!
I originally ordered this back in Nov.
Table + 6 chairs and a hutch/buffet combo.
We are re-purposing our old hutch. We got rid of the top hutch part and are going to paint the bottom buffet part black to match everything else.

Once the new buffet gets delivered, we'll put the pieces together and I'll empty those boxes you can see in the back ground. Pic's to come of the new hutch in March, sometime.

New Paint!

I was going for a blue-gray but did not like the samples we tried.

So we ended up with a blue.

I am loving it. It's a LOT different than the old yellow.

Where have I been?

Sheesh, it's been busy!
Busy at my day job and very busy here @ home.
You saw the floors!
Then we painted.
Then we got our new furniture delivered and assembled.
Then we ran into the furniture PROBLEMS.
But, now we have new furniture! Only 1 piece still on back order.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scrapbook: X-mas 2005

So, I'm a little slow, LOL:

I attended a Creative Memories class where we made the base pages of the album. It's strictly a Christmas Album with pic's from 2002 forward. Hopefully I will get to 2006 soon! And I have to order the 2007 pictures soon from my online picture vendor.
Anyway, the horn and holly were made at the class. The 2005 is from Cricut, the Plantain Schoolbook Cartridge. Then, I had some snow flake stickers that I added in.

Nice shinny floors:

Ah heaven: stripped, sanded, stained then top coated with 4 coats! My DH says that it needs 2 more. We'll see:

Nasty old floor:

Our sad little floors so need some TLC.

Mr. Accountantbyday is handy, too:

He made this fab-u little item for me to use when I make my psuh pins. This will be a place I can put them to work on them and then let them dry.


So, we were adventourous and tried a new brand of brownies. We usually only make the Duncan Hines brand. I was worried because they say to bake them for 45 mins at 325 degrees. I usually do the 350 for 30-35 mins. These were so YUMMY! They were nice and moist and chewy. I think the only thing that would have made them better would have been the addition of chocolate chips.