Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV Recap - Boardwalk Empire - September 19, 2010

Finally!  HBO got me all excited about Boardwalk Empire over the summer and I was tired of waiting.  I read on this blog that it had already been renewed for a second season, so, that cements me watching for a while at least.

OK, call me crazy but I  thought that tonight started really slowly.  I was expecting the Sopranos type action.  None of that was to be had for quite a while.  I do have to say that I liked Nucky more than I expected too.  Steve Buscemi managed to play a likable Treasurer-Gangster.

I missed the entire point of the funeral home scene the first time I watched the epi.  What was that about?   I put the show back on and zoomed to this scene.  Alright, now I see:  Mickey had to show Nucky his secret factory where he makes and bottles alcohol.  This comes into play later when Jimmy gives up the funeral home while he takes the alcohol.

How funny was it watching the FBI-IRS guys watch all the gangsters in the hotel, while they were talking on the phone?

So, Chicago brokered a deal between NYC and NJ?  Or, do I have that mixed up and NYC brokered a deal between NJ and Chicago?  It was definitely Chicago brokered a deal between NYC and NJ.  One of the gangsters (from NYC?) is a really good card counter.  He and his lackey take the casino for $93,000.  This covers the $60,000 that they would owe for the alcohol and nets them $33,000 in their pocket. I don't think this was wise move, far away from home.

How interesting to see Al Capone in 1920 before he was a big shot. Jimmy and Al join forces to make reputations for themselves.  This is that I was expecting in the action department.  Jimmy says yes to the FBI-IRS guys, gives them the funeral home.  This distracts them from what he is doing:  Jimmy&Al take out NYC's crew, grab the alcohol and hit the road.  Al takes the alcohol to Chicago and he's a hero.  Jimmy gives Nucky a nice chunk of change to get himself back on the good list.

It also caught my attention when we learned that Nucky likes Mrs. Shroder (the lady who's husband beat her ever when pg).  I'm thinking that he would like another wife.  Someone much more respectable, sweet and nice than his current 'ho.  At first, I thought that maybe the husband was just going to get a beating.  Not his lucky day, tho.  Those poor kids (and the wife) will be better off.

Jimmy and Nucky's relationship seems to be the center of the show.  I like that vibe.  A one-man-in-power show was more of what I was expecting.  I like that it's more about the relationship and I think it would be great to all see how NYC and Chicago were effected by Prohibition as well as AC.

What did you all think of The Boardwalk set?  I loved it!  They did a really great job.  The Incubator Shop was really interesting.  Talk about taking things for granted.  When Jimmy's little boy was running into the stores I we got a good glimpse of the store fronts.   The Fortune Teller Shop at the end of the episode was done well, too.  I need to brush up on my mobsters before next week (yes, I know that this isn't historically accurate).

For the future:
I wonder what the 'ho is going to do for dramz when she realizes that she is being replaced.
Who exactly is The Commodore?
Did Jimmy's dinero get him out of the hot seat with Nucky?
Does Al own up to murdering that guy?  Wait, was that Al or was that Charley (the crazy lackey for NYC)?  I am confused on this plot line!

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