Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TV Recap - Boardwalk Empire - September 26, 2010

from: NYDailyNews

Alright HBO, I need you to grab me and pull me into Boardwalk Empire ASAP or I am going to have to move on.  After all, I always have Veronica Mars on DVD to keep me entertained.  I want to like Boardwalk Empire.  I like the period, the setting, the subject and I like Nucky.  But, I need more.  I've heard that this show has a slow build and that it will payoff.  But, I need some payoff now! 

So what did we learn?
Jimmy's family celebrates Christmas late, due to cash.
Jimmy's Mom is a cabaret dancer and Jimmy isn't much of a writer.
Nucky wants $3,000 from Jimmy to square up the incident.
The FBI-IRS guy is on the hunt.
Nucky thinks that only 4 people were killed during the incident but Jimmy says 5.  Dead guy #5 is who we see way at the very end when a guy comes out of the woods and goes up to the handjob car.
Jimmy no longer drives for Nucky.
Al Capone doesn't like reporters - at all.
Nucky and NYC are on the outs. 
Al Capone doesn't Western Union his friends cash.

Mrs. Shroder didn't give any info up to FBI-IRS but she also gave Nucky his money back.

My Questions:
What is the Commander's official title? If Nucky is the Treasurer, what is he?
Is he losing it?  What was all that jazz with Luanne, his maid?  

Is Mrs. Shroder upset that her husband is dead?  Is she plotting a way to get Nucky?  She looked quite disappointed when her visitor at the hospital was Nucky's brother, and not Nucky.

How much longer must we put up with Nucky's girlfriend?  She is awful.  When she speaks, I wish that I had hit the mute button.

Jimmy received an Honorable Discharge, right?

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