Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe - Italian Sausage and Bean Bake - Non-Crockpot

This easy and delicious recipe came from the Dinner Doctor cookbook, page 213.  You take cooked ground sausage, a can of beans, diced tomatoes and cheese - layer them and bake until bubbling.

I added fresh, diced onion because we love onions.  I baked it at 375 degrees for 30 minutes and it was too long.  Next time, 20 minutes will be my time choice.  I really liked this and would make it again.  My husband insists that this casserole needs to be served over pasta.  But, take his opinion with a grain of salt as he would eat only carbs, if allowed!

And, a note for my girlfriends - if you buy the Jimmy Dean Sausage roll at BJs, you can make the sausage thing apps and this casserole from the sausage.

Where Have I Been?

I've really missed blogging and taking some time to write and gather my thoughts.

We have been really busy with Halloween, the twins' first birthday party, some house guests and the twins' Christening!

Now, we have to get thru the first steps (I kid, I kid - I am SO excited that walking will be here soon), Thanksgiving, Christmas, another possible house guest and New Year's.

I'm going to post some new recipes and pic's to tide you all over until I am back full speed ahead!  Some exciting news at our house is that my husbands hours are changing a bit after Christmas and we are going to work out a deal-ie-o where I get to blog (alone) everyday, woot!

Here are some pics for all of you in blog-land!