Friday, September 17, 2010

What's Caught My Eye? - Comcast DVR Manager Online

One day this week, we received a postcard in the mail from Comcast.  It mentioned how we could manage our DVR and choose shows to record online.  This is right up my alley - heaven forbid I leave the house without my shows all setup to tape!  The problem was, I do not know my Comcast email address.  I called customer service and was on hold.  While I was on hold, I was clicking around the site and sure enough I was able to get my user name and password emailed to me. I hung up the phone and got busy setting up my online DVR Manager!  If you log in and try to setup your own DVR manager, be aware that it is not available everywhere yet (sorry) and that it does take a long time to link up to your house DVR.

Oops, I should also mention that Comcast cable is now Xfinity!  I keep forgetting (who are we kidding, I will never remember this!).

Something spiffy that the site also offers is that full episodes of some shows are available.  Comcast owns Fancast.  That part I knew and I would occassionally check out the site.  But, I think now that it's all linked up to my online DVR that I will use it more often.  A friend recommended Covert Affairs and 6 of those episodes are available online now.   Got to run - TV to watch...

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