Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Great Curtain Caper:

How many Targets did I (and my nice gf) hit looking for these drapes?

I ended up LOVING 2 different types. I thought I would do the vertical stipes for the warmer months and the heavy Damask for the winter months. Unfortunately, I timed it BAD and Target is in the process of re-doing the curtain area. Dang it :-(

I was not able to find (any more of) the verticle stripe ones. So, for now it's the heavy balck & white Damask ones. I'm not sad about it b/c they were my "vision" curtains, but, still. Maybe this summer I will encounter some lighter drapes/curtains.

The rods were also another story! I started out with some really cute black metal ones at a bargain $12.99/set. But, when dh hung the curtain panels they were too weak. Now we have some stronger ones with the glass balls at the end. I'm going to replace the old wood knobs on the old re-puposed buffet with glass to compliment.

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