Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Bento lunch

My first Bento lunch post! I was inspired by this blog
sent to me by Jennie! This looked like so much fun, that I just couldn't resist! Melissa @ another lunch uses a lot of lock & lock containers so I decided to use those, too. But, when J&J are big enough, I am also going to use these cute ones for them

So, let me tell you what was in my lunch:
Ghirardelli Choco square w/ peanut butter inside, Monterrey Jack cheese and grain crackers, 2 hard boiled eggs (turns out that 1 was enough to fill me up), sliced tomatoes with a bit of ranch dressing (the mini fork is a giraffe) and finally diced strawberries with a puppy mini fork.

hmmm, I see that my Amazon links above don't work, what a pita, they are cute panda & frog Bento boxes.

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