Saturday, January 19, 2008

$6 Push Pin Substitutes

So, to accompany my FAB new cork board, I needed some push pins. I didn't want the boring old silver-style push-pins or thumb tacks. I wanted something cute and fun! I found these at Ballard design and liked them but couldn't part w/ the $:

I LOVED a bunch of home made push pins available on Etsy. But, I SO could not force myself to fork over $6 for 4 push pins. I decided to make my own. Like most of my craft projects, it required buying some new supplies. I got a bunch of cute plastic do-dads, some push pins and some thumb tacks from staples and some super glue. I also got some Martha Stewart brand wacky-tacky stuff. To make the clear push pins, I got a couple of packages of the clear 1/2 marbles from Michael's.

I started with the plastic do-dads. Some had loopy things on the back that we were able to break off with pliers. I used the super glue and affixed them. This process worked well! Watch out for the plastic do-dads that come with a sticker on the back. This style poses problems. Either your tack can't stay affixed or, the tack only covers a small portion of the sticker part and the rest of it picks up dust and junk.

I have had little success with the glass marble type of magnets b/c if I find some cute tiny stickers or what not, I can glue or affix them to the pins easily. But, when it comes time to affix the pin to the marble I have issues. If I use super glue it leaves a white ring residue around the picture. Not cool. Then, if i use wacky tacky it takes forever to dry. Any suggestions?

Either way they were fun to make!


  1. try clear silicone stuff. it comes in a tube in the hardware store or craft store. That's what I used to put the marbles on the glass vases.


  2. Also, you could try cutting piece or scrapbook paper