Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where do I craft?

When we moved into the house, hubster helped me setup some craft space in the basement. It was nice b/c everything was organized and had a place. But, I never actually wanted to sit in the basement and do my crafts down there. So, I would pack stuff up, bring it upstairs, set it up and then have to pack it up again and bring it back downstairs. Yawn.

I've been dying for some craft space! I just needed the motivation to declutter the guest room and make space. Plus, I need an actual work area/desk.

I have been eyeing the PB Craft Table. It's wonderful. But, it's $1200. I also love it in black. But I like the look of the white, too; especially for a craft table. On X-mas someone was kind enough to notify me that the knock-off at Pier1 (reg $450) was going to be clearanced to $298. I was going to buy the side 3x3 cubes from Target and a piece of wood from Home Depot. Then, we could put a wood border about the top piece of wood to frame it out and have it look nice. But, that would have cost about $150 or so + paint. I was ok paying the $298. The day after Christmas I got up early and hit Pier 1. The desk was at my local store setup in black. I bought it. But decided I may actually want the white. So, I packed it up and went to another Pier 1 a couple of towns away. A gf was actually able to meet me here. They had the desk setup in both the white and the black. After much ado, I decided I did want the black. DH helped me set it up and now I'm in business! We have a guest room that is now a guest room/craft room. I'm dying to make this wicked cool (I'm from MA, lol, this means GREAT) wall organizer thingie. Credit goes to BichonMom from the I love her bio!

I'll post some more pic's as soon as I get the wall organizer made.

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