Saturday, January 19, 2008

Soup's On:

In our on-going effort to lose weight and eat better I decided to make some home-made chicken and veggie soup. I started with Nature's Promise organic Veggie Broth. I added 2 onions, celery, carrots and cabbage (1/2 head). I started it boiling and went to get the chicken ready. The chicken was still hard as a rock, so, I decided to use Canadian Bacon instead (low fat). It smells delish (please no Rachel Ray comparison's... I have never seen her DD commercial nor her show). I realized that I needed some more broth so I added 1 can of Dora the Explorer chicken noodle soup and 1 can of water. Look out Dora!

I decided to use potatoes as the starch in this creation. I added them last so they wouldn't get too mushy. I need to buy a decent Thermos so I can take some soup stuff to work (our microwave situation is a PITA to say the least).


  1. I was not thinking Rachel Ray. I was thinking Jen Mara. Still not a good comparison.


  2. I always get a chuckle when I read Canadian bacon, cause we have no such beast here, in Canada. lol

    Thanks for your recent comments. I would love to reply to them, but you don't have an email associated with your blogger account.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!