Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm late to the glitter phase but it's now my friend:

Hello all,
I'm a but late to the glitter phase (I missed the glitter pumpkins and gourds) but I am loving it! I scored an apothecary jar at Kohl's for $8 (originally $40, but seriously does anyone ever pay full price for anything at Kohl's with their FAB sales and coupons?). My jar came with some pine cones and some leaves. Too boring for me so I decided to pass on the leaves and glitter-ize the pine cones. Surly I'm not the first to attempt this. But, it was my first attempt.

I bought Martha's Glittering Glue. While I now think I paid almost $4 for a small bottle of Elmer's glue, I do have to say it was worth it for the brush applicator that comes w/ this bottle. I will probably refill with Elmer's in the future.

I also bought Martha's glitter. It's not quite ultra fine but it is pretty close. My silver ultra fine glitter came in a small container at Michael's. This stuff is nice and inexpensive. But, I love the jars that the Martha glitter comes in. They have a top on them similar to shaker cheese containers. You can have a LOT or just a sprinkle coming out.

I did all pine cones in a silver glitter except for one which I did in red. I didn't want my display to look too Christmas-ey byt I was dying to break into the red.

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