Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Dinner Menu - December 1, 2013

Monday -    Easy Pasta: Shells with Red Sauce and Meatballs, Bread and Salad.

Tuesday -   Tilapia with ??.  My husband will be making the side so I'm going to consult with him and then update.
Wednesday -     We didn't end up having this last week: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a veggie.  I hope to post a My Husband Cooks post after this meal.
Thursday -     Chicken, Green Bean, Potato Bake

Friday -   Buffalo Mac & Cheese from this link when we made it before.
Saturday -    leftovers
Sunday -   Something warm & yummy in the Crock-pot!  I will update when I decide what it's going to be.  I started perusing some of my favorite cooking blogs and Pinterest so it's a tough decision!

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