Monday, November 4, 2013

Product Review - Fruit Squeeze Pouches

Buddy Fruits: all flavors are yummy
The results are in!  We love smashed, squished up fruit in a pouch that we can eat on the run without a spoon.  By we, I mean me and my two 4-year-olds.  We usually have 2 snacks a day.  My kids are usually very hungry when snack times roll around at 10am and 3pm.  I give them some kind of kid carb-y snack.  Then, a fruit.  I seldom say no to a fruit when they are hungry.  We eat fresh fruit, canned fruit, fruit cups and fruit pouches.  Frozen fruit has not been a hit.

DelMonte and Dole pouches are yucky
We have recently begun experimenting with the different brands of fruit pouches.  All of the Buddy Fruits are delish!  Smooth, tasty, wholesome.  Not nasty, at all.  The 3 of us like all the flavors that are available at our BJ's:  Apple & Strawberry, Mango Passion & Banana and Apple & Multifruit.  I wish they had all the flavors (I'm talking to you Apple & Banana and Apple Cinnamon).

At BJs Wholesale Club, our local shopping-in-bulk store, they recently started carrying the DelMonte Fruit Pouches and the Dole Fruit Pouches.  I bought one box of each because the per unit cost was lower.  I thought to myself "oh good, I can save $1 or so".  This was not smart.  Both brands are disgusting and overly sweet.  It feels like jelly in your mouth when you eat a pouch.
GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce Pouches are delish!

Another brand that we really like are the GoGo Squeez pouches.  This was the first brand we ever bought.  We have been eating this brand of pouches for 3 years or so.  They never disappoint!  It tastes like smooth apple sauce combined with another real fruit.

The flavor selection is always apple with another flavor or just plain applesauce.  My very favorite is the apple strawberry.  All of the other flavors are fine though:  apple cinnamon, apple banana and apple apple.

The final item that we bought was the GoGo Squeeze Fast Fruit.  I actually bought these for myself because the pouches are a larger portion size.  I tried apple blueberry pomegranate flavored pouch.  It was a great size for an adult's fruit snack.  Combined with a handful of  nuts and this would be a great afternoon snack. 

We have not tried the fruit & milk combos or the veggie pouches yet.  My kids used to be amazing fruit and veggie eaters.  Throughout the past 6 months, though, they have really started being picky in the veggie department.  I should pick up some veggie pouches and see if I can get the kiddos to eat those.

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