Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekly TV Update - November 13, 2013

Elena, Katherine and now the 3rd character

Shannon's current TV lineup:

  1. Boardwalk Empire (Sunday)
  2. Bones (Monday)
  3. Sleepy Hollow (Monday)
  4. 2 Broke Girls (Monday)
  5. Hostages (Monday)
  6. The Blacklist (Monday)
  7. Revenge (Sunday)
  8. Homeland (Sunday)
  9. The Goldberg's (Monday)
  10. Revolution (Wednesday)
  11. Nashville (Wednesday)
  12. The Michael J. Fox Show (Thursday)
  13. The Vampire Diaries (Thursday)
  14. The Originals (Tuesdays)
  15. Hart of Dixie (Monday)
  16. The Walking Dead (Sunday)
  17. The Talking Dead (Sunday)
  18. Arrow (Wednesday)
  19. How I Met Your Mother (Monday)
  20. Mike & Molly (Monday)
  21. Dracula (Friday)
  22. The Carrie Diaries (Friday)
  23. Grimm (Friday)
  24. The Crazy Ones
  25. Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday)
  26. Drop Dead Diva (Sunday)
  27. The Witches of East End (Sunday)
  28. American Horror Story: Coven (Wednesday)
  29. Giuliana & Bill - now airing on E! (Tuesday)
  30. The Tomorrow People (Wednesday)
  31. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Sunday)
 Other Info:

Entering the last year of the series - How I Met Your Mother (ends May/June 2014)
Coming soon:
The Following - Due back in January 2014
And finally, my comments:
  • Sleepy Hollow - This is such a good show.  Glad we got to see some of the Mason mythology.
  • Bones - I have decided to let these episodes pile up on my DVR since I am on the fence about this show.  During last year's winter hiatus I watched them all and that was a fun treat.
  • Boardwalk Empire -  It's still on the DVR.
  • The Originals -  This was a decent Claus episode!
  • 2 Broke Girls -  So so so funny!
  • Vampire Diaries -  Stuck on the cabin with Stefan and Tessa.  I felt for Elena when that happened!  I LOVED how calm Stefan was when we kept telling Elena that she really shouldn't have come through the door.
  • Hostages -  on DVR (or, did this not come on this week?  I have to check.)
  • The Blacklist -  on DVR
  • Revolution -   on DVR (I have 1.5 episodes to watch!  strange considering that it is one of my favorites).
  • Nashville - I didn't get an episode of Nashville.  I think it was a week off for them.  I hope so, anyway.
  • Michael J. Fox - Nobody likes bed bugs!  How sweet was it's that Michael's sister had those Parkinson's books in her place.
  • Hart of Dixie - on DVR
  • The Walking Dead -   Carol!  Were art thou?  The gang was much too busy this week.  I just know that Daryl will track her down next week.
  • Homeland -  Really enjoying this but you really have to pay attention to all of the characters and plot twists.  I will have more to say next week.
  • Arrow -  I still enjoy this show and I like most of the story lines.  I really want to see what happens with Mama Queen.  But, please, LESS ISLAND!  I need a break from all the flash backs.  Yes, there is an island but, we don't need to see Lost 2.0.
  • Revenge -   on DVR
  • Dracula -  This show is getting better!  I really like the love triangle of the Assistant, Dracula and Dr Miss.  Interesting that Dr Miss's blond friend is into her.
  • The Carrie Diaries - Such a cute show!  Glad that Carrie will be back in Castlebury with her Dad and Sis for a while.  I have had enough Carrie and Sebastian on again, off again.  So, let's take a break from that plot line.
  • Grimm - I liked the episode and like more of Monroe's story.


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