Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekly TV Update - November 6, 2013

Shannon's current TV lineup:

  1. Boardwalk Empire (Sunday)
  2. Bones (Monday)
  3. Sleepy Hollow (Monday)
  4. 2 Broke Girls (Monday)
  5. Hostages (Monday)
  6. The Blacklist (Monday)
  7. Revenge (Sunday)
  8. Homeland (Sunday)
  9. The Goldberg's (Monday)
  10. Revolution (Wednesday)
  11. Nashville (Wednesday)
  12. The Michael J. Fox Show (Thursday)
  13. The Vampire Diaries (Thursday)
  14. The Originals (Tuesdays)
  15. Hart of Dixie (Monday)
  16. The Walking Dead (Sunday)
  17. The Talking Dead (Sunday)
  18. Arrow (Wednesday)
  19. How I Met Your Mother (Monday)
  20. Mike & Molly (Monday)
  21. Dracula (Friday)
  22. The Carrie Diaries (Friday)
  23. Grimm (Friday)
  24. The Crazy Ones
  25. Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday)
  26. Drop Dead Diva (Sunday)
  27. The Witches of East End (Sunday)
  28. American Horror Story: Coven (Wednesday)
  29. Giuliana & Bill - now airing on E! (Tuesday)
  30. The Tomorrow People (Wednesday)
  31. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Sunday)
 Other Info:

Entering the last year of the series - How I Met Your Mother (ends May/June 2014)
Coming soon:
The Following - Due back in January 2014
And finally, my comments:
  • Sleepy Hollow -  It's back - yippy!!  I just love this show and it's mythology.
  • Bones - I have decided to let these episodes pile up on my DVR since I am on the fence about this show.  During last year's winter hiatus I watched them all and that was a fun treat.
  • Boardwalk Empire - on DVR
  • The Originals -  Good episode!  Now that the last elder witch is gone, I am interested to see the dynamic within the witch coven.  We all knew that Rebecca wasn't really leaving.
  • 2 Broke Girls - So funny! Han's mom was great!  too bad about the divorce but maybe we will get to see her again!
  • Vampire Diaries -  Just an OK episode.  Do we think that the blond guy professor is a guardian to his younger brother?  They look a lot alike to me.
  • Hostages - on DVR
  • The Blacklist -  on DVR
  • Revolution -  LOVE this show!  I suspected the Dad but was sad to have it confirmed.
  • Nashville - Getting better!  I can't wait to see Teddy's face when he realizes that there is no baby and he got duped by Peggy.  Scarlett and her ex, Avery!  Wow!  He does seem to b a lot better of a person now.
  • Michael J. Fox - Pretty funny but I wouldn't want to vacation with those crazies!
  • Sons of Anarchy - What a snooze fest.
  • Hart of Dixie - on DVR
  • The Walking Dead -  Bye, Bye Carol!  Of course, I think we will see her again.  Maybe, when Daryl hunts her down to say "Don't leave me - let's get it on".
  • Homeland - Awesome!  It seems really weird to not see Brody.  But, I really like see Claire Danes in this show.  She is always hatching some secret plan.  I am in the minority of the world when I mention that I like Dana.  I don't blame her for changing her name or for moving on with her life.  But, I hope that she circles back to spend time with the mom and the bro.
  • Arrow - Just an OK episode.  My husband actually tuned it to watch this episode with me and he was horrified that I watch this.  I have really had enough Island flash backs.  I am looking forward to Laurel and her dad having a family reunion.
  • Revenge -  on DVR
  • Dracula - OK why wasn't this episode the first episode of the season?  I think that would have been a much better move.  I am still not in love with this show.  However, episode #2 kept me much more engaged and I am looking forward to Friday's episode.
  • The Carrie Diaries - Such a cute show!  To off set some of the dark dramas that I watch, I keep some of these cute, fun and Gilmore-Girls Zombies out of the main character line up on this show and then I will enjoy it a lot more than when Nick was a Zombie.

Shows that may not make the cut:

You may have noticed that I finally reduced my show watching!  It was over due.  My DVRs were smoking from all the hard work recording shows.  Some of these shows I really love and will definitely catch in the future whether it be on Netflix, Amazon or on DVDs during the summer.  But, for now I have a more reasonable TV load.  I still have to cut a few more but I haven't decided which shows to cut, yet.

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