Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekly TV Update - November 20, 2013

Shannon's current TV lineup:
The Goldberg's

  1. Boardwalk Empire (Sunday)
  2. Bones (Monday)
  3. Sleepy Hollow (Monday)
  4. 2 Broke Girls (Monday)
  5. Hostages (Monday)
  6. The Blacklist (Monday)
  7. Revenge (Sunday)
  8. Homeland (Sunday)
  9. The Goldberg's (Monday)
  10. Revolution (Wednesday)
  11. Nashville (Wednesday)
  12. The Michael J. Fox Show (Thursday)
  13. The Vampire Diaries (Thursday)
  14. The Originals (Tuesdays)
  15. Hart of Dixie (Monday)
  16. The Walking Dead (Sunday)
  17. The Talking Dead (Sunday)
  18. Arrow (Wednesday)
  19. How I Met Your Mother (Monday)
  20. Mike & Molly (Monday)
  21. Dracula (Friday)
  22. The Carrie Diaries (Friday)
  23. Grimm (Friday)
  24. The Crazy Ones
  25. Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday)
  26. Drop Dead Diva (Sunday)
  27. The Witches of East End (Sunday)
  28. American Horror Story: Coven (Wednesday)
  29. Giuliana & Bill - now airing on E! (Tuesday)
  30. The Tomorrow People (Wednesday)
  31. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Sunday)
 Other Info:

Entering the last year of the series - How I Met Your Mother (ends May/June 2014)
Coming soon:
The Following - Due back in January 2014
And finally, my comments:
  • Bones & How I Met Your Mother - I have decided to let these episodes pile up on my DVR.  During last year's winter hiatus I watched them all and that was a fun treat.
  • Boardwalk Empire -    on DVR.
  • The Originals -   We got to see Tyler.  The big cross over.  Yadda-Yadda.
  • Vampire Diaries -  Poor mortal Katherine!  Just Kidding!  She is still so entertaining.  I actually like her story line with the professor doc, too,  Maybe he can help her.  I am so bored by the Bonny is dead story line so hopefully now that she straddles two words, we can have a break from her death.  Nina D did a great job as all 3 characters.  She is really believable especially for such a young actor. How many episodes before Elena & Stefan are making out??  I won't miss Crazy, Crazier and Silas at all.  Did anyone else get to see the State Farm Scooby Doo & The Gang commercial during this show?  Awesome!
  • Nashville -  OK the good news is that I did not miss an episode last week!  Onto this week: Maddy & Deacon - it's about time!  Whoa, Juliette, everyone is hot for some Juliette!
  • The Goldberg's - I loved the story of how the new neighbor's mom and the Goldberg Mom went from enemies to besties!
  • Revolution -  Oh traitorous Dad!  Such heart break all around on that note.  Poor Aaron.  They must save him & Caroline (is that her name? Clara?).
  • Arrow - I watched this and then really couldn't even remember why they were in Russia.
  • Michael J. Fox -  Snooze, Snooze, liked girls night with the Auntie, liked the Back to The Future jokes.  OK, this show lives another week!
  • Dracula -  Good episode!  I liked the vampire friend drama and all of the hub bub about the engagement party.
  • The Carrie Diaries -  So cute!  But, that little boy is a monster.
  • Grimm -  Good - I liked this episode and am looking forward to more Grimm!
  • The Walking Dead - We all wanted to know what The Governor has been up to all this time.  Now we do know and boy is it a shock!  I never expected him to gain a new family.  The ending was great!  I can't wait to see what his former cronies have to say to The Gov when and if they help him and Penny 2.o out of the hole.
  • Revenge - on DVR.
  • Homeland - Saul is going to get Brody?
  • 2 Broke Girls -  So funny!  I say that ever week.  The one armed cleaning lady was a pretty silly but entertaining segment.  Watching Max in pastry school will be fun!
  • Sleepy Hollow -  Still loving this show but I have yet to watch the newest episode.
  • Hostages -   on DVR
  • The Blacklist -   on DVR
  • Hart of Dixie -  on DVR
  • Mike & Molly - on DVR

If you wonder what is up with my photo choices... I choose my favorite episode of the week and pull up a picture from that show and post it with my column.


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