Monday, November 25, 2013

Saving Money at Target

Target REDcard 5% Off
Another way we save some money is by using the
Target REDcard to save 5% off of our purchases at Target.  You can also get free shipping on items purchased from  I have yet to utilize the second perk.  But, I may be using it this holiday season in order to get my shopping done on time.

I love to shop at Target.  I think it is my favorite big box store in the area.  I had read blog posts about saving 5% off of my purchases for years.  The store clerks often mentioned the REDcard as well.  The issue was that I utilize a bank that did not offer real live checks with their checking accounts.  In order to get a REDcard, you HAVE to bring a real live check into the store and get it voided as part of the application process.  I emailed and called my bank asking for a work around.  The only option was a bank information sheet with an example check on the paper that included my account and routing numbers.  However, Target declined this form of a check and I was not able to get my REDcard.

I lived in my sad little world of paying full price at Target until the magical day came when my bank decided to offer real live checks to it's customers!  I signed up for my 50 free checks and happily waited for them to arrive.  Finally, they came in the mail.  I grabbed the first check and headed off to Target.  I opened my REDcard and I have been saving 5% ever since!

I received my REDcard right at the same time that my Target upgraded to a Super Target with a grocery store inside with fresh produce, meat and bakery items.  Since this time I have started shopping at Target a lot more.  With the bonus of being able to get the grocery items that we need, I can buzz into Target to get whatever I need and save time by also getting the grocery items, too.

A really rough estimate of my family's savings at Target with the REDcard would be:
A trip to Target every 2 weeks costing at least $75 is equal to 26 Target trips a year.  The 26 trips cost at least $1,950 per year.  Buy paying for those trips with a Target REDcard, I would save 5% of the $1,950 or $97.50.  In addition, I usually spend at least $200 on birthdays and at least $500 on Christmas at Target.  Another 5% off of that $700 in spending is another $35 in savings which brings my total Target savings to $132.50 per year.

I hope that this helps your family save some money.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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I haven't been compensated by Target for my post.  I just like to find ways to save money so I can spend some money on purses, kid toys and occasionally getting my nails done.

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