Friday, October 1, 2010

TV Recap - No Ordinary Family - September 28, 2010

from: abc's website

Wow, good to see some fav actors on No Ordinary Family including Rita from Dexter, Kyle XY's Dad, Conrad from Weeds, Lizzie Grant from Entourage and Vic from The Shield.  I haven't blogged about new Fall TV too much this year, but with the week winding down I decided to watch No Ordinary Family and give you all my opinion.

Hmmmm, I am really not sure about this show.  Didn't they see Heroes?  I was expecting something at least as good as Season 1 of Heroes.  The way in which the family got their powers really wasn't that impressive.  Although, I must say, I am happy that they told each other about their powers quickly.  If this show is still on, I will watch the 2nd episode.  But, my prediction is that this will be the 2nd show to get canceled this fall (Lone Star was already canceled).

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