Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Second Geocaching Adventure (Rhode Island)

"Roger That" was the name of the second Geocache that we found in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was our first RI Geocache.   I luckily have pictures of this one!

It was a rainy Friday and J&J and myself were bored!  It rained most of the day and we were stir-crazy.  The rain seemed to taper off so we decided to hear out for a Geocache.  I knew that this particular Cache was in a pretty small park.  I didn't want to go anywhere where I may possibly get lost without my husband. The instructions warned us that there were  lot of Muggles around and to be careful not to get caught.  (Muggles, in this non-Harry Potter instance, are non-Geocachers.  You don't want them to catch you finding or hiding the Geocache because they my take it or destroy it).

The view of Providence from this location was amazing!  I was so surprised that Providence had hilly neighborhoods and such great views.  Finally, it was my chance to get the cache as nobody was around.  I walked into the bushes and went for it.  But, before I got the cache, Juliette started screaming bloody murder.  The bushes were only waist-high but I think she thought that the bushes were attacking me!  Poor baby.  I got her calmed down and grabbed the cache!  Since this is only our second find, it was still exciting as all heck!!

This cache was created as part of a school project and they ask you to take your picture.  I took the kids' picture.  I looked through the other pictures and thought that this is a great idea.  This was another TNLN cache for us.  I hope that my husband gets to come on the next mission with us as he was missed  XOXOXO.

J&J ready to Geocache
See the Waterfire?
Roger Williams
RW from the back
Prov Place Mall

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