Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap - October 3, 2010

We had a busy Friday.  The kids didn't take their am nap.  Are they dropping a nap?  I'm happy to report that they are not ready to drop a nap yet.

It started to look like it might rain, but, we jumped in the car anyway.  We went to the post office to mail the party invitations.  Then, we went off to get Juliette's ears pierced.  They had to do one ear at a time due to the fact that Juliette was moving her shoulders around in anticipation (she's almost 1).  I couldn't take it so I brought Jack to play with a toy kitchen across the room.  Juliette was a trooper.  She got tiny little pink sparkly studs.  They look adorable!

On the way home we stopped for Chinese food for lunch.  It was great, as usual.  Then the kids went down for their afternoon naps and Tom went off to work.

Saturday was a busy day with a trip to the apple orchard.  We had a great time but, it was towards the end of the season and it was pretty picked over.  Next year we will definitely go earlier in the season.  Luckily, we were able to use a long-armed apple picker to get some nice apples from the tops of the trees.  We went Geocaching on the way home (we didn't find it) and got some ice cream at Peaceful Meadows.  The M&M ice cream was as good as I remembered, except the M&M pieces were much smaller.  Jack had a really hard night, Saturday night.  It has been months since he last had an attack like this.  I hope it wasn't a reaction to the couple of bites of ice cream that he had. 

Sunday was a good day spent at home.  The kiddos took an amazing am nap which caused us to miss Church.  But, they needed their sleep after our busy day on Saturday.  We had a great visit with the babies' Grandma and Papa.  Tom & I got a bunch of little things done around the house and yard, which is a load off our minds.  Sunday night was a quiet one, after baths, pj's and bed.

I usually don't give any Monday updates, but, the kids had their first 1/2 formula, 1/2 whole milk bottle this morning!  So far, there haven't been any attacks so I am hoping that the milk transition goes OK!

see her apple outfit?

all the kids, little C is on the right

at the Orchard

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