Friday, October 1, 2010

What's Caught My Eye? - The Milk Man

from the blog Celticpridehomeschool

My title sounds scandalous, doesn't it?  The Munroe Dairy Milk Truck has caught my eye this week!  The babies will soon be on whole milk.  We can hardly wait as our budget needs some help and milk is much less expensive than formula.  In anticipation of the big change over, I decided to start researching local dairy farms.  I got a lot of positive reviews regarding Munroe Dairy and their milk men.  The milk is not FDA certified organic but it is hormone and antibiotic free.  Another bonus is that it arrives on your doorstep withing a day of being milked.

The milk comes in either glass half gallon or glass quart containers.  It costs either the same, or $0.50 less than the organic milk at the grocery store at $2.99 a half gallon.  There is also some kind of bulk buying milk discount but I haven't figured that out yet.  Once the kiddos are on while milk I will see how much we need to buy for a discount.

The best part of the milk delivery is all the other stuff!  I would like to applaud Munroe Dairy for supporting so many local businesses.  Looking over their order form was completely refreshing.  We like to support local business, when we are able to.  They have local pies, including a Chorizo pie, local raviolis, sauce and meatballs from a delicious local restaurant, fresh bagels made locally, fresh, local ice cream and so much more.

So far we love the skim milk and the chocolate milk.  We haven't tried the coffee flavored milk due to it containing NFCS.  The coffee creamer is great, and fresh, but just too rich!  The bagels are great.  our milk man is really nice, too.


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