Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TV Recap - Boardwalk Empire - October 3, 2010

Amazing that Jimmy & Al's 5th victim is still alive.  How crazy was it when the police-chief-brother tried to kill him, even with his roommate in the room!  I'm glad that the police-chief-brother wasn't able to kill him.  But, he did die in the end.  TG he died after the FBI-IRS guy was poking his fingers into his wounds.  BLECK.  I hate scenes like that.

So, is the funeral home back in the alcohol business?  It seemed like a horse-drawn hearse that pulled in, filled with alcohol.  What is that character's name?  I think they said Chuck.  Let's go with that.  It seemed like Chuck took over the operation now that they guy who changed his name got busted.

I'm really excited about Mrs. Shroeder's job at the French Boutique at the Ritz Carlton.  (Btw, I just figured out that I have been spelling her name wrong).  The shop mistresses is a pill but fun to watch.  "When did you last bathe?".  How crazy was it when Mrs. Shroeder had to wait on and dress Nucky's ho?  She really earns her title, that one.

Yikes - NYC's mobster guy sure got some bad karma when he was treated for gonorrhea.  I bet that the men watching this scene were cringing.  I don't like this mobster guy - at all.  How crazy was it that they doc was smoking a cigarette during the procedure.  So typical that Mr. Mobster wouldn't let the doc write down his issues.

So, what is the big secret between Jimmy's Mom (Jillian) and Nucky?  What's the agreement - to keep Jimmy out of trouble - but why is Nucky on the hook?  Is Nucky his bio-Dad?  Is Nucky his brother (the only reason I wondered was when Nucky's brother (the police chief) asks if Nucky would be as understanding of him)?  How long until we find out?  Stuff like this will keep me interested.  I love a good back story.

OK, I missed this the first time thru - Mr. Name Change (who used to run the alcohol from the funeral home) gets told by NYC to take care of the issue (now that Nucky put them out of business) and that is why he kills the man and hangs him.  They shoot him because they are going to use the cover-up story that it was a jealous husband who shot him.

Why wasn't the head FBI-IRS guy more interested in Jimmy being one of the shooters?  He says he has to speak with the US Attorney's office, but, I can't help but think that he is up to something...

Jimmy - Jimmy - Jimmy!  What a freaking royal melt-down: you don't like the vacuum, your shoulders are bare, did you sleep with the photographer, let me grab my gun from atop the hutch, and you didn't seem to mind the last time I left!  Sheeesh, buddy, really?  I was curious about how/when we would see Al Capone again what with him being in Chicago and all.  Now, we know.  I'm still upset that Jimmy left his family, though.  Why not just bring them with him to Chicago.  Or, someplace else, start fresh.

Finally - I'm liking this show and hoping for some more good stuff!  Boardwalk Empire, you got a DVR Removal stay-of-execution, at least for another 2 weeks!

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