Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TV Recap - Brothers and Sisters- October 3, 2010

I'm so happy that this show is back on!  I'm happy when I see it on the DVR.

So, what do we have to talk about?  Paige gets rocked with her bad girl friend at Luca's party.  Sara learns that she can't be her daughter's BFF and her Mom.  I was really happy when Sara told Paige that she wanted to be the kind of Mom that Nora was, awwwwww!  It's nice that those Walker kids know how good they had it.  Loved Nora's bust-out at the end, yelling at each of her kids.  She was spot on!  She would be hilarious on a radio show, and I really hope that she does it.

Is it me or is Luca really smokin' hot this season? I don't think that he looked this good last May.

Kitty decides that Nora is having a secret affair, tells the troops and then decides that Nora is a lesbian.  Funny.  Typical.  The boys had strong reactions to Nora's supposed switch-er-oo.  They set it up badly, IMO, because we all knew that she was a florist's assistant from last week.

So happy that Kitty is getting a new house and that she will be closer to the rest of the fam.

I was really wondering where we were going with this Mateo storyline.  I thought that maybe Kevin&Scotty would foster him or something.  It was great to see him reunited with his grandmother.

I thought that this Holly storyline would be funny!  Instead they want us to feel for poor, amnesiac Holly.  I agree with Justin, where is Rebecca?  And, where is Saul?  Does ABC really not have enough of a budget to allow Saul in each week's episode?

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