Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 Things - New TV Shows - Fall 2010

I gave 10 new shows a shot this fall.  It was tough to spend my time watching new shows because they have a tendency to get canceled so quickly these days!

  1. Undercovers - I gave it 2 epis
  2. Nikita - OK but I don't DVR it
  3. Running Wild - I gave it 1.75 epis
  4. Hawaii 5-0 - I think that I like it
  5. Terriers - I like it
  6. Boardwalk Empire - already renewed for 2nd season
  7. Lonestar - ALREADY CANCELED
  8. The Event  -I like it
  9. Mike & Molly - cute!
  10. No Ordinary Family - I think that I am going to dump it.
I didn't plan to watch it, but, My Generation has been canceled.
from the blog: true blood news

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