Friday, September 6, 2013

2nd Target Ibotta Shopping Trip 9/6/13 ($38 transferred from Ibotta):

This was my second Ibotta trip.  I figured out that after my last trip, I am close to completing 2 more bonuses.  I looked through my coupons and didn't have too many to match to the Ibotta deals.  But, since I haven't been couponing or stockpiling lately, I decided that it was worth stocking up on some paper products.   I had toilet paper, paper towels and tissues on my BJs Wholesale list anyway.

I was working towards the $5 Autum Stock Up and the $20 for 10 offers deal.  My first Target Ibotta shopping trip helped me fulfill some of these shopping requirements.  I looked at my bonuses and realized that I had to buy 7 deals to earn $25 in bonus money plus the coupon cash value for buying the 7 items.  I made my list and headed out with my 3 year old twins to Target! (Hopefully the Mommy friend that we saw at Target wasn't too traumatized by us when we were in "deal" mode).

Here's what I bought.  It turns out that I qualified for some additional bonuses that I didn't even expect!

Viva paper towels, 12 giant rolls $17.19
Soft soap 8.5oz (not the smaller more popular Softsoap size) $1.84
Kleenex 4pk (3pk would qualify but my store didn't carry them) $5.69
Scott Toilet Paper, 9 double rolls $5.79
Cottonelle, 12 big rolls $6.49
Cottonelle, adult wipes $2.49
Kleenex hand wipes (these are NEW and are paper towel substitutes) $2.99
Poise, fems $4.84
U by Kotex $3.99

Total $53.82 (includes MA Tax at 6.25% - unprepared food is not taxed in MA)

Let's talk about the subtractions:
-0.05 Target coupon for brining my own bag
-2.56 for using the Target Redcard Debit Card (if you shop regularly at Target it is SO WORTH getting one of these).
TOTAL OUT OF POCKET: $51.22 (apparently Target registers have a rounding issue)

I submitted a copy of my receipt via my Smartphone to Ibotta.  Then, I scanned all the applicable bar codes.  You can see that since I am new to Ibotta I am only buying products for the deals during one transaction.  Then, I buy the other stuff that finds it's way into my cart in another transaction so that I don't lose my mind.  Within an hour, I was notified that my receipt was accepted and I received $38 from Ibotta.  I did a Paypal transfer to get the actual cash.

$51.22 - $38 (from Ibotta) = $13.22 out of pocket

And, just a reminder, if you had a nice selection of coupons, you could have easily got this total down lower.  I only had 2 small weekends of inserts so my coupon selection is low right now.  Since my stockpile of household items is also low, I decided to just jump into some deals.  Now that I have a small stockpile, I can wait to buy duplicate items until I am able to get the free, get paid to buy them or get them when they are at my rock-bottom price.

Here is a picture of my purchases on our kitchen table.  Remember, don' put your stuff away until your Ibotta submission is accepted.


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I was not compensated by Ibotta, Target or anyone else for my post.
If you click on my Ibotta link and sign up for Ibotta I will receive some kind of Ibotta monetary bonus.

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