Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Very Own - Fall 2013 TV Preview

I love this time of year!  Most people say this sentence and they mean that they love Fall or they love back to school.  But, not me.  I mean that I love planning which new shows I will watch and organizing my TV Grid. 

I pick some shows to give up and some shows to start watching.  If the new shows make the cut, then they might get added to my TV viewing grid.  I only have 2 DVRs (haha, I know - 1 too many, right?) so I have to be selective.  Plus TV viewing takes time!  My husband just recently switched from working nights to working days again.  It's wonderful to have him home but I may have to cut down on my "Shannon Only Shows" in order to be able to watch our "Together Shows".

Some of our "Together Shows" are The Little Couple, Duck Dynasty, and The Walking Dead.

Examples of Shannon Only Shows would be The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, True Blood, Revenge, Bones and Two Broke Girls.

I found that many of my shows are starting late this Fall - some are not premiering until October.  Two favorites are starting up soon:  Boardwalk Empire (TONIGHT) and Sons of Anarchy (Tuesday the 10th).

Here are 5 shows that I am going to give a shot:

1.  The Originals, premiering October 3rd - a spin off from the Vampire Diaries.  This show may have too much Claus for me.  However, I will give it a chance.

2.  Sleepy Hollow, premiering September 16th - why am I even attempting this show?  I don't really know but I.can.NOT.stop.myself.  Now that my fourties are fast approaching, I really enjoy history.  I also like drama and mysteries.  I am *hoping* that it lives up to my expectations.  If not, it premieres early so if it isn't making the cut, I can pick another show to take it's place.

3.  Dracula, premiering October 25th - King Henry from the Tudors stars in this new show.  I like the subject matter and the star so I will give it a chance.

4.  The Michael J. Fox Show, premiering September 26th -  I feel like I must give this at least 1 night's viewing.  The night it premieres, we actually get 2 episodes.  My husband is also interested so we shall see if it makes the cut.

5.  The Tomorrow People, premiering October 9th - I am reading a lot about this show and it is getting a lot of buzz.  Everyone suggests watching previews online or on U-Tube to get the best idea what it's about.

As of today, I don't have any shows that I am definitely giving up.  If it's renewed, I may stop watching Army Wives.  The decision will be made based on how many new shows I keep. 

Fall shows that I am DEFINITELY passing on are We Are Men, Ironsides, and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

How about you guys?  What are you looking forward to for returning shows and new premieres?


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