Friday, September 27, 2013

Jack & Juliette's Favorite Things (almost 4 years old)

Toys for 4 Year Olds: Lincoln Logs
Another blogger recently updated us with her twin girls' favorite things.  And, yet another blogger does an annual "Toys That Get Played With, by ages" that I look forward to every Fall.  I though it would be fun to do my own list, too. 

Jack & Juliette are almost 4.  To my great surprise, Juliette is our little athlete.  She loves soccer, baseball and most of all basketball.  She also enjoys crafts and coloring and paint.  Luckily, they can paint at preschool.  I limit the amount of paint that we do at home because I am continually cleaning enough messes as it is.

Jack loves trucks, cars, trains, planes, helicopters and more trucks!  He has a couple of rugs in his room that have roadways on them that he utilizes in his play.  He also enjoys puzzles and connect-the-dots.

Both kids like to play on the computer and enjoy Apps like Dora, The Magic School Bus and a drawing App.  They have a Diego game for Wii that they will both play occasionally.  I wonder if it's time to introduce them to Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers?  Thankfully both kids love to be read to.  I hear stories of 3 year olds who can read, but, me & Dad do the reading around here for now.

Here are the Top 10 Toys that get played with (in no particular order): 

1.  Lincoln Logs:  We have actually had these Lincoln Logs for a few years but, they are just now becoming favorites.  I am happy that they are finally interested because Lincoln Logs were one of my favorites as a kid.  You can build the buildings on the box and instructions or you can make whatever you feel like making that day.

2.  Talking Soccer Ball Net:  This net is great but my kids both like toys that DO NOT TALK.  Whoops!  I actually knew that but chose this net anyway.  You can take the batteries out and it will be silent.  I like the praise when you get a goal, but, apparently J&J do not.

3.  Bikes:  J&J are really, REALLY, REALLY into riding bikes. Jack wants to ride pretty much every single day.  Juliette likes to ride, too.  But, after a few minutes she usually moves onto another activity.  We are getting them Scooters for their birthday.  I am curious if the Scooters will be the new favorites or if the bikes will continue to rule the driveway.

4.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  The Big Splash DVD:  One show that both kids can agree on is The Mickey Mouse Club House.  This particular disk has Pluto's Bath episode which is a particular favorite of both kids.

5.  Mighty Machines:  Jack loves to watch TV.   He will even watch the news, the weather and my TV Shows.  We really limit TV but he still has his favorites like Mighty Machines.  If Mighty Machines gets removed from the Streaming Netflix line-up, we might have a revolt on our hands.

6.  Hungry Hungry Hippos: We have the traditional version of HHH.  But, I know they have a travel version and if I were to buy this again, I would be this version because the marbles STAY INSIDE.  We have 2 dogs and a kitten so watching marbles fly around the house is a bit stressful for this Mama!

7.  Legos:  Who doesn't love Legos, right?  We have a lot of fun with Legos but I feel like the kids still need some more coordination skills before they are able to do Legos without an adult.  We have a boy starter set and a girl starter set.

8.  Mega Blocks & Table:  I actually thought that we had Duplo's brand blocks.  But, as I wrote this post, I realized that we actually have the Mega Blocks Table and Mega blocks to play with.  I thought that once the Legos came out the Mega Blocks would be history.  However, J&J really enjoy building towers and competing over who will build the tallest tower. 

9.  Guitar & Keyboard:  The kiddos received these play instruments for their last birthday and they really love to jam.  I was nervous about the noise when they first got them!  But, they just rock out for 10 minutes or so and then they move onto something new. 

10.  Barbie Pool: Actually, this is called the Barbie Glam Pool!  We bought this last year sometimes.  We brought it camping with us and both kids played with it a lot!  Jack especially loves to play with Barbie in the pool!  He usually prefers brunettes so I was surprised that he likes Barbie so much.  And, yes, I know that he will really appreciate this post someday!

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