Friday, September 20, 2013

Fish, it's what's for dinner

I should do a product review on this frozen tilapia soon!  It is so tasty and so easy.  I am not vey comfortable with coking fish.  It's a lot easier for me to buy it frozen and then just cook it.  I have gotten a lot more comfortable with fish over the past few years and now I sometimes defrost the frozen fish and jazz it up before I cook it.

Here was our dinner from the other night.  Mediterranean Tilapia, Scalloped Potatoes (please don't be impressed as these are from my friend Betty), dinner roll and Szechuan asparagus.  We probably do not need 2 carbs with dinner but for once I had some spare time so I through some frozen rolls in the oven.

Can anyone share a favorite side to serve with Tilapia?

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