Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ibotta Deals - September 17, 2013 at Target

At Target I bought regular Oreos.  At first I thought the deal was only for Double Stuff Oreos but it turns out that both original Oreos and Double Stuff Oreos qualify for the Ibotta deal.  By doing 2 Ibotta tasks I qualified for $0.50 back on my purchase of these Oreos. 

I also qualified for 1 week of purchasing a Ibotta product in the Steady Eddy Bonus and the Cash Cow Bonus.  The Cash Cow Bonus is a tough one because you have to purchase over $200 worth of products after all discounts and coupons have been applied.  I just waited until I had a bunch of things to purchase like animal supplies and kid birthday gifts.  Then, I just added my 1 Ibotta purchase into my shopping cart to earn the bonus.

Now, I am working towards PayPal Bonus #3.  For this bonus, you have to transfer $100 from Ibotta through PayPal.  Working towards that $100 is going to take me quite some time!  Maybe there are some great Holiday deals coming up to help me out.

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