Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Cupcake" Pineapple Spears from Edible Arrangements - Product Review

We were out running errands and as I pulled into a parking space, one of the kids spotted a sign for Edible Arrangements with a cupcake on it.  If you have ever eaten an Edible Arrangement, then you know that these are fruit, sometimes fruit with chocolate, but NEVER cupcakes!  After we finished our errand, we walked into the store.  The very nice and patient lady explained that they were actually slices of pineapple that were shaped like cupcakes that were then dipped in chocolate.  YUM.  We brought 4 home for that night's dessert.  They also had samples of the chocolate dipped strawberries and tuxedo dipped bananas.  It is definitely worth stopping in at a real live edible Arrangements store.

You can see that Juliette is quite pleased with the appearance of her cupcake, especially the sprinkles.  She was actually not fond of the chocolates though.  She does like pineapple and ate some of that.
Jack seems to think that I am trying to take his cupcake pop away.  I'm not.  He liked how it looked and he liked the milk chocolate.  Jack did try the white chocolate and was not a fan.  The chocolate is pretty thick on the pineapple.  It took the kids some effort to chomp through the chocolate and get to the pineapple.
Here is my opinion:  I LOVED these!  They are $3.95 each and they are much bigger than I expected.  I loved both types of chocolate and the sprinkles.  I thought the pineapple tasted great and I would include these in a fruit bouquet that I sent. 

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