Friday, September 6, 2013

First Ibotta Shopping Trip

Target Ibotta trip 9/4/13 ($22 received from Ibotta):

I just learned all about Ibotta!  There is a special promotion now called Share the Love.  If you redeem at least 5 offers within the first 2 weeks of registering, then you earn an extra $10.  That offer motivated me to check it out and sign up.  It expires soon though so, if you are interested then get moving now!

You complete little tasks to receive cash back after you buy each item.  They are not coupons.  It's real money that you can transfer to your Paypal account.  The tasks usually consist of watching a short video, Tweeting something about the product, Facebooking about the product or answering a trivia question.

I like to have some ready to eat food in the freezer for those times when someone is starving and needs to eat ASAP or when we don't have anything in the house to bring to work for lunch.  The Ibotta deals that were catching my eyes were for freezer stuff and baby stuff.  Sounds good to me so off I went to Target!  I was able to go shopping alone for this trip.  It turns out that it is really easy to do Ibotta deals because all the info you need is on your cell phone while you shop. 

Here's what I bought:

Huggies wipes, $10.99
Huggies Diapers, $19.59 (Target GC deal WYB 2)
Huggies Pull-Ups, $22.49 (Target GC deal WYB 2)
Barilla Plus Pasta, $2.14
Ore-Ida Potato Wedges, $2.14
2 Bertolli Frozen Meals for 1 $3.29 x 2 = $6.58
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches, the Healthier ones were on sale this week, $5.00
Totinos Pizza Roll,s $2.99
Simply Potato Hash Browns, $1.67
Chobani Kids Tubes 16ct, $4.99
Red Baron Frozen Pizza, $3.34

Total $83.12 (includes MA Tax at 6.25% - unprepared food is not taxed in MA)
**This may seem high to those without kids in disposable diapers - but this trip included boxes of diapers, wipes and pullups.

Let's talk about the subtractions:
-0.00 Target coupon for brining my own bag (dang, they didn't give me the $0.05/bag discount)
-3.62 for using the Target Redcard Debit Card (if you shop regularly at Target it is SO WORTH getting one of these).

Also, I received a $10 Target Gift Card (GC) for buying 2 boxes of diapers.  I won't reduce my out of pocket to $69.50 though, because you can't use the GC in the same transaction that you earn it.

I submitted a copy of my receipt via my Smartphone to Ibotta.  Then, I scanned all the applicable bar codes.  You can see that since I am new to Ibotta I am only buying products for the deals during one transaction.  Then, I buy the other stuff that finds it's way into my cart in another transaction so that I don't lose my mind.  Within an hour, I was notified that my receipt was accepted and I received $22 from Ibotta.  I did a Paypal transfer to get the actual cash. 

$79.50 - $22 (from Ibotta) = $59.50 out of pocket
Plus I have a $10 Target GC to use another day.

And, just a reminder, if you had a nice selection of coupons, you could have easily got this total down lower.  I only had 5-6 random coupons in my coupon binder, so my coupon selection is low right now.  Since my stockpile of household items is also low, I decided to just jump into some deals.  Now that I have a small stockpile, I can wait to buy duplicate items until I am able to get the free, get paid to buy them or get them when they are at my rock-bottom price.

If you are interested, please consider using my Ibotta link:

I was not compensated by Ibotta, Target or anyone else for my post.
If you click on my Ibotta link and sign up for Ibotta I will receive some kind of Ibotta monetary bonus.

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