Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Product Review - Sea Cuisine Tilapia

We have tried both the Mediterranean Tilapia and the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia.  I believe there is one more flavor that we have not tried yet.  It's called something like Black Bean and blah-blah Tilapia.  I do not like black beans so I just say no.

If you like Tilapia, then both are incredible!  The biggest bonus for me is that they stay in the freezer and can go from frozen to oven without defrosting.  Since I often have nights where we need dinner and I don't have a dinner plan, these come in handy for me.  They also come in handy if you have something defrosting or planned, and then you add additional people into the dinner mix.  You can just preheat your oven and go.

The flavor of both fishes is exactly what I like: low fishy taste and smell and lots of flavor from the um... flavorings.

The Parmesan package is $14.99 for 6 servings while the Mediterranean is less at $12.99 for 6 servings as well.  I should mention that my pricing is from our local BJ's Wholesale Club.

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