Thursday, September 19, 2013

TV Update - Thursday September 19, 2013

One of my favorite TV columns does a weekly TV post with snip-its of the past week's TV show's gossip and questions.  Since I really like that format I will try my own version here.

I am really enjoying Ray Donovan.  I find myself choosing it first when I look through my DVR'd shows.  Before this show started there were a lot of people saying it was just like the Soprano's.  It does have a lot of parallels and may not be an original idea but it does keep me watching!  I like the dynamics between the brothers and the half-brother.  I like how we are learning how the wife was communicating with the Dad while he was in prison.  I do not like the Boston accents.  Hopefully we see more of the Dad's ex- girlfriend/baby Mama and more of Ray's assistant.  She has quite the story, I bet.

AGT (America's Got Talent) is another favorite.  I never watched this show before Howard Stern came onboard as a judge.  I didn't abstain because I thought I wouldn't like it; quite the opposite is true.  I just had too many shows in the mix.  My husband is a big Howard Stern fan and he wanted to give it a shot last season.  I am so happy with the winner of this season!  The final 2 were actually my 2 favorites, too.  I won't spoil who won yet since it has been less than 24 hours since the live finale.

The premier of Sleepy Hollow was finally on TV.  I will definitely keep watching for now.  It gave off a Grimm vibe which surprised me, in a good way.  I like Grimm and I am pleasantly surprised that it keeps getting renewed.  I hope that Sleepy Hollow gets to air at least 5 or 6 epis before a decision is made.

I am looking forward to some of next week's premieres and will check back in with you all to see what you are watching.

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