Friday, October 4, 2013

An example of getting paid to buy something (Or, getting it dirt cheap)

Sometimes when you shop with coupons and deals, you buy something that you wouldn't normal buy
because you get paid to buy it.  Or, when it is really, REALLY cheap you need to buy it if its something you will use.  This example is also one that illustrates why you can't be brand loyal on 90% of the items you buy.

Suave Professional Moroccan Shampoo $2.89 at Target.  
Subtract the $1.50 manufacturer coupon
$1.39 for the shampoo
Subtract 5% for using Target Red Card $0.07
Add MA sales tax (MA taxes on post-Manu coupon price) $0.08
Total cost for shampoo at Target $1.40

Not a bad price for shampoo, right?
Actually, the deal gets better because there were Ibotta refunds of $1.25
So, my total out of pocket for this shampoo was $0.15

Is Suave my favorite shampoo?  No.
But, for $0.15 I can't be too picky so I bought it to build my stockpile.  Next time I come across a shampoo deal, I will only buy it if it is a really good deal or free because I will have some shampoo in my stockpile to use when I run out in my bathroom.

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