Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kielbasa, Cabbage and Onion Dinner in the Crock-pot

Kielbasa, Cabbage & Onions in the Crock-pot
I mentioned in one of the weekly dinner menu's that I was planning to make Kielbasa, Cabbage and Onion Dinner in the Crock-pot based on a pin from a while back.

I finally had all of the ingredients on hand and went to work.  This is a great cool weather meal.  After we ate dinner, I realized that this reminded me a lot of my Nana's Boiled Dinner.  She made hers with corned beef, which I also love.

Next time, I am going to add potatoes, carrots and whole onions to the Crock-pot and have a Polish Inspired Boiled Dinner! 

Kielbasa, Cabbage & Onions after cooking

All you need is:
1 lb of Kielbasa (any variety)
1 head of Cabbage
2 onions
1/4 cup of water
1 stick of butter
salt & pepper

Here are my instructions:
  • Spray the Crock-pot with non-stick spray like Pam.
  • Remove the outer layer of the cabbage and then chop the cabbage into quarters.  If you prefer, slice off the "core" of the cabbage and throw it away (or, give it to the bunnies like we do).  Add the cabbage quarters to the Crock-pot.
  • Peel and slice the onions into quarters and add them to the Crock-pot.
  • Slice the Kielbasa into small pieces and add those to the Crock-pot.
  • Add 1/4 cup of water to the Crock-pot.
  • Slice the stick of butter into pats and spread those out in the Crock-pot.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper onto everything in the Crock-pot.
  • Cover the Crock-pot and cook for 4 hours on low (Please note that my Crock-pot cooks fast and 4 hours on low cooks almost everything!  So, adjust the time based on your Crock-pot.).
Yes, I like mine with mustard.

This recipe was a not a hit with my kids at all (they are both 4).  My son loves Kielbasa so he gobbled it up but wouldn't eat the cabbage or the onions, even when they were dipped in mustard.  My daughter tried a teeny-tiny bite of the cabbage and declared it to be gross.  She declared the same with the Kielbasa and wouldn't even try the onion.

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