Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Kitty: Our New Kitten

Hello Kitty: peek-a-boo
We have a tiny new addition to the family!  My daughter named her.  Since she is all white I thought the name was quite appropriate - Hello Kitty.

We got her from the Providence Animal Shelter.  This shelter is really nice.  The cats each get their own cage in the main cat room.  You are allowed to let them out one at a time in that room.  But, there are also two cat visiting rooms.  We brought Hello Kitty and another slightly older black cat into the visiting room and let them play. 

We realized that two kittens were going to be too much for us.  We have 2 dogs, a third dog who lives with my Grampa and 2 bunnies (who live outside). We lost our black cat Elvis earlier this year after having him almost 10 years.  I thought that we would be cat-less a little longer.  But, we couldn't resist this cutie.

We wanted a young kitten so that he/she would adapt to our house and animals and kids without too many issues.  Happily, Hello Kitty adjusted without any issues.  She likes both dogs and she does a great job navigating to the basement to use her litter box.  She loves to play with toys and with the dogs.  Saying that the dogs love her would be a stretch but, they do seem to like her.  She does try to sneak outside when I let the dogs in & out.  If she would stay in the fenced in yard, I would let her.  But, something tells me that she is an escape artist!

J&J really like HK.  They are a bit weary of her when she is in crazy-attack-kitten mode.  She keeps her claws in for the most part.  However, she is a jumper!  I understand why her energy makes the kids stay away from her.  We have had some nice snuggle time, though.  You just have to wait until she burns herself out.

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