Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Books for Kids 4 and Under: Goodnight Goon and Mickey Mouse's Haunted Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Haunted Clubhouse & 
Goodnight Goon
Goodnight Goon are our 2 new Halloween books for 2013.  They are both great reads!  I might be biased since Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Ipad are two of our favorites!

Goodnight Goon is exactly what you would expect from a Goodnight Moon parody.  Neither kid had heard the term "goon" before so it was a riot trying to explain it.

Mickey Mouse's Haunted Clubhouse is also a cute read especially to a Minnie & Mickey lover like my daughter.

Both are from Target and I believe that they were $6.99 each.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Haunted Clubhouse

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