Friday, October 18, 2013

Are you Viggle-ing?

Viggle: earn gift cards by watching TV
Watch TV--> earn points --> get giftcards to awesome places like Starbucks, Goupon, CVS, Old Navy or make a charitable donation?  I'm in!

How did it take me so long to learn about Viggle?
I am a TV junkie and I love free stuff. 

Really.  AccountantByDay + TV = Viggle

I watch a ton of shows anyway.  Why not just bring my Smartphone in the living room with me and earn points to use towards gift cards for places I already spend cold, hard, cash?  

I found out about this App through an article about 10 Ways To Save Money With Your Smartphone.  I wish I had kept the link because it was a great article!  A quick google search did not help.  If I wander to the page again, I will be sure to update this post.

I don't mind if advertisers stalk my TV viewing statistics.  I am OK with that and maybe it will keep some of my favorite shows on TV!  I'm pretty sure that the advertisers read all of my positive words about Sleepy Hollow and decided to give them the 2nd Season Pick-up to keep me happy (if only!).

All you need is:
  • The Viggle App
  • A TV
  • A semi-quiet room for at least 20 seconds  (Viggle needs to figure out which show you are watching)
Viggle does work when you watch your DVR'd shows.  You won't be able to play any of the live trivia games, though.  I already have over 2700 points and I plan to keep earning all the way through this fall TV season! 

It will take a long time to work up to a gift card or charitable donation.  But, I would watch my TV shows regardless of whether I use Viggle or not.  For reference, it seems that a Starbucks GC for $10 costs 25,000 points.  A CVS GC for $25 costs 62,500 points.  For charities, they have a $5 Rebuilding Together donation or a $5 American Red Cross donation both for 7,500 points.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help!

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