Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday to my kiddos!

4 years old!
October 16, 2009 seems like only a year ago!  But, we survived that crazy first year plus 3 more and
here we are in 2013 with two 4 year olds.

Jack enjoys transportation toys of all kinds.  His favorite spot is outside on his hill in Tonkalandia with all of the trucks and the new garage.  He has a farm set that he likes to play with inside the house.  Dinosaurs and Tomater & McQueen are also favorites.  TV and movies are big hits with Jack.

Juliette spends her time playing with Calico Critters, Minnie Mouse and cars & trucks with Jack.  She is not into dolls or My Little Ponies, to my great dismay.  Julie is very particular about which TV and movie shows she will watch.  A newer favorite is Doc McStuffins.

Together, they enjoy arts & crafts  -especially with Miss Debbie, Lincoln Logs, video games, reading, playing dolls, playing Barbies and board games.  They prefer to spend their time outside!  Bike and scooter riding are favorite activities.

Here's to a wonderful year!

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