Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Places To Go - King Richard's Faire, Carver, Massachusetts

Live Flute at King Richard's Faire
I have been meaning to get this post up for everyone for some time now.  There is still 1 more weekend to enjoy King Richard's Faire because it closes up shop for the year October 20, 2013.  If you live in South Eastern, MA then you probably know what this event is.  If you live in New England, I think it is worth the trip! 

We went to the King Richard's Faire in Carver, Massachusetts in September 2013.  There was a Groupon deal and we were able to get 2 adult tickets for $31.99.  Our kids are free this year but next year they would be $16 each.  We met some friends at the Faire and they brought their 3 children.
I haven't been to this Faire in probably 25 years!  It was much more family friendly than it used to be.  I remember hoards of drunk people.  Seriously drunk people and tons of them!  

I remember jesters walking around who were employees of King Richard's Faire and these were mean 'ol jesters.  I was traumatized by them and really afraid that they would pick on me.  Me and one of my cousins ran away from them at every opportunity.  We loved the time period rides (no engines) and all of the excitement of the King&Queen parading thru the park.  They did that this time but we totally missed it because I had low blood sugar and needed to eat unless I wanted to melt down!

There were a bunch of animals for the kids to check out and their absolute favorite thing was to ride the horses!  I liked all of the kid rides (still!).  I also liked checking out the food and ended up with a Bloomin' onion (like the Chili's version) and a loaded baked potato (awesome!) and a Root Beer Float (subpar). 

They had whip shows, tiger shows and dueling.  They also have a vendor who comes with Hobbit Holes which are tiny little houses.  You can see J&J below checking out a chicken coop made by the same company (I really want some chicken and a cute coop.  Must check zoning laws).

Something I remember from bring a kid is a maze made out of fabric walls.  When the maze ends, you get to go down a small slide.  We went thru this maze with an Auntie and it was a good time for all!
There is so much more to see and do at King Richard's Faire!  We hardly scratched the surface and I think that if you have little kiddos like us, then you will probably miss the shopping and will definitely miss the drinking!  There are a lot of pictures in this post but I think it will give you a nice feeling about the ambiance and how much fun this Faire can be for the whole family.

I am having issues with the pictures and the captions and the picture formatting.  If you have any Blogger tips, please share them in the comments below.

One of the time period rides at King Richard's Faire

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