Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun Places To Go: Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at RWZ Providence, RI

Starting October 3, 2013 through November 3, 2013 Roger Williams Zoo is having their annual Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, RI.  This event takes places within the Zoo itself.  Thousands (aprox. 5,0000) of carved Jack-O-Lanterns are lit and shown to the crowds.  You get a rare chance to be in the Zoo while it's dark and check out all of the Halloween decorations.

We went to the Zoo last weekend.  Many of the Fall/Halloween decorations were up and I have to say that they looked great!

I have heard about this annual event for years but have never actually attended it.  Now that J&J are almost 4, I would love to bring them.  There are 2 things stopping us from going this year, though.

  1. J&J go to bed at 6:30pm on days that they don't nap.  Most days are no nap days.  Going to this event which starts at 6pm would make for some cranky kids which would make for a cranky Mama.
  2. The cost!  Even if you have a RWZ membership, you only save $2 off of adult tickets and $1 off of kid tickets.  This would be an expensive event for us.  Mon-Thurs Adults are $12 and kids over 2 years are $9.  Fri-Sun adults are $15 and kids are $12.
It would cost us $54 to go on a weekend and it would cost us $42.  Hmmm.... off to look for some discounts!

Does anyone know of any discounts?

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