Monday, October 28, 2013

Check Out My Organized Baking Closet

Small Baking Closet
The Closet When Opened
Yesterday, I was baking and I couldn't find my small fondant rolling pin.  I had my regular rolling pin but I wanted to use this one for cookie dough rolling.  I looked in my baking closet and it was no where to be seen.  I finished baking, cleaned the kitchen and decided, that since the kiddos were outside with their dad, that I was going to tackle reorganizing my baking closet. 

I think that this closet was originally designed to be a broom closet.  Since our basement is unfinished and there were already broom and mop hooks in a small basement stairwell alcove, we put shelves in this closet instead.  A long time ago it was used to organize the Crock-pots, Tupperware and Pyrex type dishes.  Then, I had the inspiration to make it my baking closet.  It is handy to have all of those things that you usually only need when baking in 1 spot.

After I took everything out and organized, I did find the small fondant rolling pin!

This closet has 4 shelves and then the floor gives me a fifth storage space.  All of the little bins and trays that I have ended up with from other organization projects over the years has ended up here in this baking space.  Most of my cabinet dividers have ended up in here, too.  They are very useful for such small little items.

Top Shelf

On the top shelf, I keep a few mixes, store bought frosting, liquid measuring cups, sprinkles and muffin & cupcake wrappers.  That plastic bag on the left covers some disposable cake plates.

My next shelf contains marshmallows, candy, nuts, small bowls with covers (perfect for cracked eggs), all the baking chocolates, baking powder and baking soda, fondant tools and all of my measuring spoons and cups for dry goods (they were all hand washed yesterday as part of the project so that is why they are missing).  Also on this shelf are the candy molds, baking mat (rolled up), Christmas cupcake decorations and a small tray of office supplies.  My kids have a tendency to get into things so having all of that miscellaneous stuff in a small tray on a shelf in a closet keeps it out of their little hands.  I also keep my kids iron-on labels here as well. 

The third shelf is where I store canola oil, extra sugar, and my FoodSealer Canisters
In these canisters, I put confectioners sugar, marshmallows, brown sugar and nuts.  I also have my cupcake mix dispenser, extracts and flavorings, frosting dyes, candles, sticks, off-set spatulas, the traditional rolling pin  and fondant.

The next shelf contains our 2 bottles of olive oil, mini cupcake maker, cake pop pan, cake pop stand, mini pie maker and waffle maker.  Yes, I am the person who likes those little machines!  In the plastic containers in front are the cookie cutters.  One container has holiday cutters while the other box is non-holiday cutters, plus the birthday cutter.

Finally we have the floor or the final shelf.  Here I have a small tote that has non-scratching pads on the bottom.  It holds my pour-able tubs of sugar and flour.  I stash the "butter" liquid that we need for our popcorn maker.  Finally, the cake pop maker is stored down here.

Having this all organized makes me so happy!  Someday I want to jazz up that bottom shelf.  But, I hardly ever see it at this exact angle.

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