Thursday, September 9, 2010

10 Things - TV Shows that I no longer watch

On Thursdays we will do a segment called 10 Things.  I think the new fall TV season has me all excited and I am in a TV frame on mind!

Here is my list of TV shows that I no longer watch (and why):
  1. House  This saddens me greatly as I once loved this show.  We didn't watch it when it first aired but we caught up on DVD.  Even the House/Cuddy teasers for the upcoming season haven't been able to lure me back in.  I stopped watching after a couple of new epis last season.
  2. Grey's Anatomy I hardly miss this one.  I stopped watching 2 seasons ago.  I couldn't take it - I thought that most of the acting was terrible and I didn't care about the characters at all.
  3. Private Practice I only watched this because it was a spin off of Grey's.  It failed to capture my attention pretty much from the beginning.  I liked Addison's character.  I <3 Taye Diggs.  Maybe their issue was that they should have never replaced Merrin Dungey with Audra McDonald.
  4. The Mentalist I enjoyed this series at about a 75% enjoyability rate.  But, when the twins were born, some shows had to go and The Mentalist was one of them.  Someday I may catch up on DVD.
  5. thru 7 CSI, CSI Miami and CSI NY All 3 of the CSI franchises had to go!  There just wasn't enough time with the twins so I scrapped all 3.  I miss CSI NY, but, I hear that Stella left.  I always hoped that she would find some romance on the show.  I was very tired of the original CSI and I have to say that I hardly miss it.  We actually stopped watching CSI Miami about 2 season ago - but we would occasionally watch an episode when Tivo wasn't taping other shows.
  6. see above
  7. see above
  8. Nip/Tuck When this show started, it blew me away!  It was the most outrageous thing on TV.  It was sexy, scandalous, interesting and crazy.  I loved the serial killer plot line.  And then...  They actually had their finale this past season and I did not watch it.
  9. 24 Another show that had it's finale this year.  I did watch the finale and was really upset at Jack's ending. I felt like he needed a happy(ier) ending than he got.  He's a Ggrandpa and he's SOL.  I have not watched the past 2 seasons of 24.
  10. Desperate Housewives This show seems to still be going strong.  I gave this up just last season.  It fell victim to my too-many-Sunday-night-shows chop.  I enjoyed Desperate Housewives for it's quirky cast, silly humor and drama.  It is the kind of show that I could jump back into if the time ever presents itself.

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