Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Favorites From Etsy, for the kiddos

Have you heard of this awesome site with all handmade or vintage items?  It's called Etsy.  I was introduced to this site a few years ago by some posters on a message board that I frequent.  I was instantly hooked!!  It is amazing to window shop and see just how talented these artists/crafters are.  I thought that it would be fun to showcase some of my baby purchases and to tell you all about them.

Tee Pees
  • Tee Pees - these are designed in order to cover up baby boys while changing them.  In this house, we quickly learned WHY you would want to cover him up!  The shop that I bought these from seems to be out of business or on a hiatus so I won't like you now.  

Fun onesies
Puppy Print
  •  Fun onesies - this particular set was purchased from this great seller.  I actually bought these for my cousin's boy/girl twins that were born in July 2009.  

  •  Puppy print - Juliette and Jack's nursery theme is puppies!  I figured that it was a good choice because a) puppies are so cute b) they can be gender neutral and c) we have 3 dogs and I wanted everyone to live in harmony.  I purchased this painting from Always Graceful's shop on Etsy.

Puppy Crate
  •  Puppy Crate - I purchased this adorable little guy from another seller that appears to be taking a hiatus.  It is the perfect size for next to the upstairs changing table.  I keep the powder, band aids and A&D ointment inside of the crate.

Boy Name Hanger

  • From this talented artist I purchased boy/girl puppy prints.  Could these be any cuter for boy/girl twins?   I hung them with some pink/brown and some blue/brown ribbon that we received on some baby gifts.

  •  Finally, I purchased a pink name/circle set and a blue name/circle set for the nursery.  I LOVE the way these look above the babies' cribs.  This seller was a pleasure to work with.

I hope that you like everything above!  I know that I do.  It was really fun to be able to choose any nursery theme that I wanted and to be able to shop and buy reasonably priced items.   I probably wouldn't have picked a puppy themed nursery if I didn't know about Etsy beforehand.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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    1. totally cute items, and great picks. my kids are older 13 and 8 so no more cuties for me.