Friday, September 10, 2010

TV Recap - Pawn Stars - September 6, 2010

For anyone who hasn't yet watched this great show, Pawn Stars on the History channel, it is worth a watch.  It's always interesting, whether because of the clients, the family that runs the pawn shop or because of the item that is being pawned.

This is the episode titled "Getting Ahead" and the first item is a shrunken head!  Rick, the second generation of pawn shop owners, gave a client great news when he told her that her Black Widow Spider Broach was worth a lot more than she expected ($2,000).  He unexpectedly offered her $15,000.  Of course, she tries to be greedy.  There are a few more clients in this episode.  The car and motorcycle buys don't really interest me.

Once in a while we will get an episode where someone actually buys something from the shop - those are my favorite epis!  Another gem that this show offers is the pawn store employee, Chumlee.  He is a big, silly, goofball.  But, he means no harm and he offers a lot of comedic relief.  Often, they will have Chumlee be the tester for anything purchased.  Watching him shoot a Civil War era rifle is always a treat.

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