Thursday, September 16, 2010

TV Recap - Gossip Girl - September 13, 2010

Finally, some more shows are back!  My husband says if there are teenagers on the show, I'll like it.  Not 100% true, but, in this case - it  IS true.  Most of the Gossip Girl characters are now in college, TYVM!

So, we ARE going to get to see Serena and Blair in Paris, at least for a little while.  This is great as I love the scenery.  Usually on my shows, they skip over their European vacations and take right back up in the city that they left in the US.

Blair, Blair.  Will she ever learn and get the Prince?  Of course not - we wouldn't tune in for that!  I "heard" that Little J (Jenny Humphry) wouldn't be back for a few episodes and there are no complaints here!  I am also not complaining about the brief Chuck scenes.  I do love how he is pretending to be someone else, though.  He needs to start again.  Maybe he could join Tara on True Blood in her fresh start adventure.

Little Milo is cute!  Of course we don't know exactly what Georgina is up to yet... it can't be good, of course.  Wonder who is giving her the deadline to get Dan's name on the birth certificate.  And, does he want Dan specifically or just an American or someone from NY or what?  Or, do we know why and I just missed it?

Glad that Nate may have a nice, adult, non-pro in his future.  Or, is Juliet another baddie?  So many to keep track of.  Maybe Gossip Girl will lend me her spreadsheet so that I can keep track.

I felt like this was definitely a catch-us-up episode.   Nothing much with Lilly&Rufus, nothing much with Vanessa, Jenny or Doroda.  I feel like Blair has only had a mini-melt-down and that there is WAY more to come.   Watching the Frenemies attend the same school, Columbia, is sure to be entertaining.  Can't believe that Georgina did a runner!!  Wow.

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