Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Craft Board - UPDATE

Once upon a time I was a craft maniac.  We had a house but no children, just fur babies.  We had some time on our hands and I feel in love with a craft desk (more on that here).  I also feel in love with a craft wall organizer.  But, why pay retail, right?  My husband made a craft wall organizer back in 2008!  You can read about that here.  I used to craft in our upstairs guestroom.  A LOT has changed since 2008 and I now craft in the first floor bedroom that we call the office.  The office is where we stash guests (Aerobed), do crafts, change the babies and let them play!

I notice that the craft board/ craft wall organizer gets a lot of hits on this site so, I thought that it would be fun to show an update to where the craft board is now.

Our house looks CRAZY in these pics.  I hope that it isn't quite as crazy as it looks!  But, I have twins, LOL.  That excuse can definitely get you out of the my house is messy jam!

The upper right, middle and lower left squares are all fabric squares.  There is batting behind the fabric, so that I can use push pins.  The prints are zebra, cheeta and polka dot.

The middle right and middle left squares are magnetic squares.  They are wood squares painted with pink magnetic paint.

The top middle square is pegboard painted pink.

The bottom middle square is cork, leftover from my big cork board.

The top left and the bottom right squares are magnetic chalk board squares.  My husband painted them with both types of paint.

These new pictures show the frame that my husband put around the board.  I think that it really finishes it off.

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