Friday, September 17, 2010

TV Recap - Life Unexpected - September 14, 2010

From the blog: Wow Legs
LUX is finally back!  The honeymoon is over, for sure.  How odd that Cate & Ryan took Lux with them on their honeymoon - especially since they have Baze to watch Lux.  I can't believe that Bug proposed to Lux.  Is he insane, she is 16?  I think that he really wants to hold onto her, and that makes me feel for him, but trapping her is so not the answer!  I hope that this time Lux realizes that Bug is just not the man she is hoping that he will become.  He only brings her down and when he is mad at her, he is really REALLY mean.

I think the idea of a 3rd person on the am radio show is a good one.  But, a born again virgin who isn't married but thinks that she is a marriage expert may not be the way to go.  Hopefully they will give her the boot soon! And, is it me or does she seem to have a crush on Ryan?

I totally get why Lux wanted to run off to the ocean with the cute-new-to-town-boy, Eric, but it was so not smart from a safety standpoint.  I LOVED when Eric asked Lux if she was married and then assumed that she was in college.  I think Lux looks like a teenager so I was shocked when he thought she was in college.  I was also shocked when he thought that she could pour a beer for him.  Eric = Mr. Daniels?  He so!!!!! felt like a gross, dirty old man when he found out that he kissed a 16 year old.

Baze finally tells Cate that he loves her.  So anti-climatic at this point!  Glad that they made up at the hospital, tho.  I guess we can assume that Cate would have chosen Baze.  Do you agree?

Ooooooh, who is Julia?  Got to be a story there, no?

The new pyro-bartender, Paige, is Ryan's sister?  She's already slept with Baze; Ryan's wife's baby daddy.  Awesome!

The bar is toast?  I should say burned toast.  What is Baze going to do now?  Of course he went running into the fire like a madman.  Lux must feel like crap-o for lying about where she really was spending the night.

Cate needs a new gig!  Now, this should be interesting.  Maybe she will help Baze rebuild now that she has some downtime.  Speaking of Baze, I can't believe his Dad is actually being supportive.  Yay!  And, Baze can have his own yay!  for being a man and choosing to rebuild it himself w/o Daddy-O.

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