Monday, September 13, 2010

TV Recap - Sons of Anarchy - September 7, 2010

Finally, The Sons are back!  I have been worried about Baby Abel all summer!!  We have a 73 minutes epi to find out.

There was so much action at the end of last season that I completely forgot about Half-Sack getting stabbed by Irish.  Personally, I thought that there was hope for him after the stabbing.  Maybe he would have lost his spleen or something.  But, within the first few minutes we find out that Half-Sack is no longer alive on the show.  I can't believe that these crazy men think that they should not tell Gemma what happened to Abel.  She is gonna kick some bad-azz butts when she gets wind of this!  What did she see in the newspaper?  They didn't show us, did they?

Jax and Tarra break-up!  This can't be for realz, can it?  Of course not!  Why did Tarra trash Abel's room?    FBI Lady is still around, huh?  Boy is she a trouble maker.  The resolution to her story line is going to be great - I can't wait.  Holy drive by!  Jax decided to release some of his pent up rage, all right.  Well, so much for a promotion!  Mr. New Chief (Hale?) is the funeral home's next customer.

So, where is the baby?  He's in the UK, in Belfast?.  I hope that they show us more about Jax's father this season.  I think there is a great story line that could be delved into regarding all that history.

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